Refund and return policy

We replace items if they are defective or damaged upon delivery. Please send us an email at if you believe you have received a defective or damaged product. DO NOT proceed to install product if it were defective. 

Note* If you incorrectly install an item, we do not offer replacement or reimbursement. 

Custom Headlights - Additional InformationIf

you believe your custom headlight to be defective, you must return them to sender address. We will either repair and resend the headlights, or we will send a brand new unit under our warranty policy.

If you notice a defect on your headlight and proceed to install them, we cannot provide you with a brand new replacement unit under warranty, instead we will repair your defective custom headlight once returned. This is due to the fact that your returned headlight is no longer in sellable condition & cannot be 'swapped'.Warranty will not be provided for failure of headlight casings.

In the event of breakage, LADS is not liable to replace the headlight itself, but only the LADS Lighting components inside. If something has failed on your headlight & you would like us to do a repair your headlight rather than supplying according parts, shipping will be paid at the customers expense. 

A customer cannot return or refund custom made products because they feel like or if it does not meet their standards ( all Products are tested for performance and quality before sending ) how ever they can ask that items be replaced or repaired

Replacing and repairing
Custom headlights will only be replaced or repaired once the original headlights have been returned and examined once they had been examined, will send out a repaired or replaced headlight