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LADS Lighting

7 inch headlights

7 inch headlights

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Upgrade your vehicle's look today and experience the future of automotive lighting.

introducing the 7" Chasing RBG turbine Headlight Kit. The 'turbine' design gives your vehicle a fierce and aggressive look that commands attention wherever you go. Watch as the eyes come to life with vibrant RGB color transitions,

Chasing RGB Technology. 

Easy Installation. We understand that you're eager to hit the road with your new 'turbine' headlights. That's why our kit is designed for hassle-free installation.

Durable and Weatherproof Built to withstand the toughest conditions,

Experience the ultimate in brightness and versatility with our Bi-LED projectors. These advanced lights provide superior illumination, ensuring safety and visibility on the road while minimizing glare for oncoming traffic.

Please Note:
These Headlights are deeper than a factory 7 Headlight, so some modifications may be required for fitment. 

turnaround time

The turnaround time on these headlights is a bit longer at 2 to 4 weeks due to them being fully custom-made 

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