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LADS Lighting

Mitsubishi Triton MN ML

Mitsubishi Triton MN ML

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Custom Headlights with Upgrades for Off-Road Use

Included in build:

- Upgraded headlights: The custom headlights come with brand new components, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

- 3-inch 6000K ICE WHITE Bi-LED projectors: The upgraded headlights feature powerful and energy-efficient 3-inch Bi-LED projectors, providing enhanced visibility and a crisp, white light output.

- H4 waterproof plug & play harness: The headlights come with a waterproof plug & play harness for easy installation. This feature simplifies the installation process and ensures a secure and reliable connection.

- RGBW Flow series halo rings: The custom headlights are equipped with RGBW Flow series halo rings, adding a stylish and eye-catching element to your vehicle's front end. These halo rings can be customized with 200 different Bluetooth-controlled show modes, allowing you to personalize the lighting effects.

- RGBW demon eyes: The custom headlights also feature RGBW demon eyes, which provide a striking appearance. The demon eyes can be controlled using a hand-held remote, allowing you to turn them on/off, choose different colors, and explore various show modes.

- Honeycomb etched projector lens: The projector lens of the headlights is honeycomb etched, adding a unique and customized touch. This design element enhances the overall aesthetics of the headlights.

- Blacked out chrome: The unnecessary chrome elements of the headlights are blacked out, giving them a sleek and modern look.


Enjoy a 12-month warranty on workmanship, providing peace of mind regarding the quality and craftsmanship of the custom headlights.

ADR approval

Currently there is no aftermarket headlights on the market but our ADR approved. We are currently going through the process of getting them approved. It just takes a lot of money and we are looking to be the first aftermarket headlight company in Australia for the ADR approved

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